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Here at Ladykings it's about ensuring you and your clients know what is happening with their home, this is why we have found that over a period of time it's all about  talking to people. As a householder there are many reasons you may require the services of a locksmith and not being afraid of being proactive with your security as well as reactive. Also from a business perspective it's all about ensuring that you and your clients know that we are here to solve your problems.

So why would you need your locks changing? 

  • A break up in a relationship - You're not sure if all keys have been returned.
  • Mugging/ lost handbag - It can be a shock but please ensure you protect your home and Ladykings will support you through this.
  • Break-ins during the night where house keys have been taken with car keys.
  • Gone out and lost the keys - For a small cost you can protect your home and ensure that you are secure.
  • Moving home - buying or rental do you know who has keys to your new home?
  • Have you dismissed carers - ensure ex employees can't obtain access to your property.

Why upgrade your security?

  • Your current locks don't conform to insurance - If you have a break in possibly no pay out.
  • You want to reduce your risk by having higher standard locks in place.
  • You may need shed , garage or boat/caravan security

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