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No one ever said that running a business was easy,moving business

but when you as a business owner, or even the Manager, is in the position of moving premises while continuing to run that business on a day to day basis well quite frankly what a mine field it can become.  Having to put you and your business into that final place of settlement and knowing everything is covered. 

The endless lists and making sure that you’re keeping your clients happy and that everything is flowing smoothly. Working with other people and depending upon everyone hitting deadlines at just the right time to ensure it all clicks into place like a jigsaw, which almost never happens- there is always a piece to the puzzle that is out of  line at some stage or another. 

A few months down the line you can breathe and all is in place and you are ticking along nicely until your worst fear happens............ you have a break in and your insurance is questioning if they will pay out or not; on top of all that your entire client data information has gone. 

  • So the questions to ask are did you work with a Commercial Insurance Company/Broker that not only had knowledge of you and your business but also your new premises?
  • Does your Insurance company work with a locksmith that will come and spend the time and discuss all your individual needs to ensure your compliance both with insurance needs & current regulations.
  • Did you fully understand your policy compliance for every aspect of the building?
  • Is the security of your business a for thought or after thought when you're picking up the pieces?


One final thing to consider on any key exchange with new premises, a  break in or even when staff move on is are you the only key holder, do you even know exactly WHO has keys to your premises? 


So are you protecting your business as if it's your most valuable asset,  the people, the property and it's information?

Is security top of YOUR list when moving premises? 

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