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Your Family’s Security

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At what point do we put a cost on our family’s security?

There is not a week that goes by when I don’t speak to someone who has a story to tell with regard to locks, keys and general security in their home.

I have to say, after spending 13 years in the Prison Service and seeing the where’s and why this shocks me. 

So let’s take a look “Most households have a car they service regularly? Yes, because they want to be able to get from A To B” Also “, We all have some form of heating system that we have checked over yearly to ensure we have heat.”

So ” why not look after, and service your locks and security yearly? When all is said and done, this is what keeps your family and property safe both day and night.

The current climate of Police budgets being cut year on year and the attendance of burglaries only deemed as an emergency if the offender is still there. A little basic security can go a long way to reduce your risk and encourage that spontaneous burglar to move onto the next house, leaving you and your family safe and sound in bed. 

I so often hear maybe next month, or it’s been ok so far, but last year in the UK there were 750,000 burglaries. So I’ll leave you with four simple questions:-

Q1.Would you like to be part of that statistic this year?

Q2.When was the last time you addressed your security at home or work?

Q3. Do you know what the cost would be if something happened?

Q4. Do you know what your cost would be to reduce your risk?


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